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Il 19/10/23 15:20, César Enrique García Dabó ha scritto:
>   Hi,
>   astropy is one of the most common astronomy packages being used right now.
> Fedora ships with it which is great. However it is not available in EPEL 9 as
> far as I know (although it is in EPEL 8). I think it would be great if astropy
> is packaged there. I already created a  bugzilla report (https://
> but so far it has not bin
> addressed.
>   Is this something that this forum is interested in?
>   Thank you!
>   Enrique

I don't know how hard could be to package astropy in EPEL9, I'll need to 
check if all dependencies are already available there. I'll CC the 
package maintainers directly in this email.

Also read the guidelines for requesting a package to be added to EPEL at

Are you a Fedora package maintainer, or would you like to becoming one 
to help maintaining Fedora/EPEL astronomy packages? There are not many 
folks active in the astronomy SIG lately...

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