Upgrading INDI stack

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Hello folks,
I've started to upgrade the INDI stack, I plan to rebuild all the packages in 'f35-build-side-41183' sidetag.

I've upgraded libindi to 1.9.0 and made a few changes to the specfile. At the top there are now two options, 'build_qt5_client' and 'build_tests' that are shortcuts for bringing in BuildRequires and set cmake options.
Before of this we had a hardcoded build requirement on qt5-qtbase-devel, but that was useless as the cmake default was to not build the qt5 client. 
I'll need to put some more work on having tests run, as no unit test is actually found when the option is enabled (thus I disabled the option for now). If anyone has any hint on this, any help is appreciated.

In the next days I'll try to upgrade the other INDI stack packages in the same sidetag, anyone who wants to move the work ahead is free to do that ;-)

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