Re: Orphaned packages looking for new maintainers

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Re-posting to astronomy list:

Il 08/06/20 11:00, Miro Hrončok ha scritto:
> astronomy-backgrounds             orphan                           1 weeks ago
> astronomy-bookmarks               orphan                           1 weeks ago
Do we want to continue maintaining these two? They're fancy, but I don't 
think they're really useful.
> nightfall                         orphan                           1 weeks ago
This one seems to be dead, project URL is no more active.
> redmode                           orphan                           1 weeks ago
Anyone interested in maintain it?
> siril                             astro-sig, lkundrak, lupinix,    1 weeks ago
>                                     orphan
I'm taking this one, since it's quite important. Hopefully, I will find 
the time to learn how to use it, one day or another...
> xstar                             lkundrak, orphan                 1 weeks ago
> xvarstar                          orphan                           1 weeks ago

Anyone interested in maintain them?


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