[fedora-astronomy] Re: libindi in EPEL7 branch

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Hi Mattia,

the only depending package is kstars afaik. I did not test yet whether
this rebuilds fine on EPEL.


On 11/05/2017 06:42 PM, Mattia Verga wrote:
> Libindi in EPEL7 branch is very outdated and the latest available
> version is 1.2.
> I've succesfully merged master branch in EPEL7 and made a scratch
> build [1]. I simply changed cmake requirements to "cmake3".
> Can I go ahead and do an official build? Is there any package
> dependent on libindi which I may break? (I can see that there aren't
> any indi-* packages on EPEL).
> Mattia
> [1] https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=22943413
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