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On Wed, 23 Mar 2016 19:16:06 +0100, you wrote:

>I'm having a discussion on the Legal mailing list about the usage of 
>databases like the Saguaro Astronomy Club catalog [2] or Dr. Wolfgang 
>Steinicke NGC database [2].
>For example Kstars uses the SAC catalog as source for its NGC database. 
> From the SOURCES.readme file in kstars sources [3]:
>> SAC Catalog
>> ===========
>> Part of our NGC/IC data is obtained from the Saguaro Astronomy Club
>> catalog, compiled by Steve Coe.
>> While the website seemed to indicate that the catalog is only
>> available for non-commercial use (and hence incompatible with KStars),
>> Akarsh Simha received a correspondence with Steve Coe, who is the
>> Copyright holder of the catalog.

Actually, it appears he may not be.

This page on the NGC/IC website:


"The data of my Revised New General Catalogue and Index Catalogue are
used by Mathematica, TheSky, Guide, SkyMapPro, Starry Night,
Eye&Telescope, the SAC database and the database of the Losmandy

If as this claims SAC contains data from NGC/IC then SAC would be
required to follow the license terms of NGC/IC, and the person running
SAC cannot relicense that data without the permission of NGC/IC.

>From this page:

we get:

"Any non-commercial use of my data is free! If a commercial use is
planned, please contact me!"

This would appear to make it impossible to include NGC/IC in Fedora,
and that would also apply to any derivative works like SAC.

[Note that Sky & Telescope also appears to use this data, which may be
an indication as to why they are unable to relicense their product]

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