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Thank you for your report :) Was a mistake I imported when adding variable definitions in /etc/profile.d/, there is a new package available (2.16-3) fixing the issue :)


On 01/23/2015 06:41 PM, Germán Racca wrote:
Hi Christian,

I installed Iraf from repo COPR, but it doesn't start.

german@centauri ~ $ mkdir iraf
german@centauri ~ $ cd iraf
german@centauri iraf $ mkiraf
-- creating a new uparm directory
Terminal types: xgterm,xterm,gterm,vt640,vt100,etc.
Enter terminal type: xterm
A new LOGIN.CL file has been created in the current directory.
You may wish to review and edit this file to change the defaults.
german@centauri iraf $ xterm &
german@centauri iraf $ cl
/usr/lib64/irafbin.linux64/vocl.e not found
/usr/lib64/irafbin.linux64/vocl.e: Command not found.

The directory where cl.e/vocl.e was installed is:


On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 12:14 PM, Christian Dersch <chrisdersch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi :)

Using joequants Mageia package I managed to create some packages for Fedora now :) But they are untested


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