Our Wiki pages (and SIG in general) need some rework

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Hi Fedora astronomers :)

The wiki pages of our SIG are (very) outdated in many contexts. The
package lists are very old, the Spin page talks about Fedora 11 :( In my
opinion we really need to re-new this stuff when we want to show users,
that Fedora is a nice operation system for astronomers ;)

My plans:
1.) Re-new wiki pages, I can work on this but need your approval
2.) Astronomy Spin (I already have one, but without specific artwork etc.)
3.) ARM image containing INDI with drivers (some of them are in repo now :))
4.) Some more python packages (those ones based on astropy)
5.) More active IRC channel ;) Found a new SIG member on this way :)
6.) Astronomy Badge

What I've already done:
1.) Basic work on Astronomy Spin
2.) Tried to package Iraf => Failed, to hard for me :( And also found
bad licensing information
3.) Packaging INDI 3rdparty drivers as long as they are distributable
for Fedora (others: rpmfusion)
4.) Testing with Fedora ARM on Banana Pi to remote-control our observatory
5.) Being in IRC channel ;)

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