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Hi Ole,

thank you for the fast response :) Sharing efforts between Debian and
Fedora Astronomy is indeed a very nice idea. Especially tasks like
library unbundling should be very similar for both "worlds". Thank you
for the DS9 patches! Will try to package soon :)


Am 23.04.2014 17:27, schrieb Оlе Ѕtrеісhеr:
> Hi,
> I am working on the Debian Astronomy Blend, and I would also like to see
> where we can share efforts and keep packages uniform. This would help on
> both distributions and also make the transition in one or the other
> direction easier.
> Christian Dersch <chrisdersch@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>     - IRAF is hard to package, I tried to adapt the Mageia package but
>> the build wasn't very stable :(
> I have the same problem for Debian. Maybe we can join efforts to get
> more support from upstream?
>>     - DS9 is easy to build, but uses many bundled libs by default, so it
>> needs to be unbundled.
> Since I did this already for Debian, it may be worth to take the same
> approach or to steal something from my package. See
> for the
> patches.
> Best regards
> Ole
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