RPM packaging for astronomy software

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I caught your post on www.astrobetter.com about STSCI data.

I'm currently involved in a project to package astronomy related RPM's
for RPM linux
distributions like Mageia and Fedora.


The goal is that by making astronomy packages part of the main distributions we
will have less of a problem keeping things updated.  By having things
as part of a
larger project rather than a standalone distribution, it becomes
possible to do things
like shared build infrastructure.

One thing that I could use is some guidance as to which packages are
most important
to get incorporated.  We've already generated packages for IRAF and
DS9, but in looking
at the large list of ESO scisoft packages, it's not clear which RPM's
should be packaged

If you could give us some guidance as to which packages would be of
highest priority, that
would be very helpful.  My background is theory so I don't have a good
sense of which
observational packages are more important or less important.

In addition, if you could provide links to the SIG wiki pages, that
would be very useful.
Both Mageia and fedora rely on volunteer efforts so that if we can get
more packagers
with astronomy backgrounds, this would be useful.
Fedora astronomy mailing list

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