Re: Revised IRAF RPM

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Hi Joseph,

Joseph Wang <joequant@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> * removes external packages (reduces source package from 82M to 52M)

I added a few more removals; mostly because of files that are
regenerated during the build, and a few executables that were left by
the packagers.

Best regards


@@ -10,12 +10,17 @@
 find -name "*.macosx" | xargs rm -rf 
 find -name "*.solaris" | xargs rm -rf 
 find -name "*.a" | xargs rm -rf
+find -name "*.e" | xargs rm -rf
 find -name "*.o" | xargs rm -rf
 find -name "*.cache" | xargs rm -rf
+find -name "*.bak" | xargs rm -rf
+find -name "*.orig" | xargs rm -rf
+find -name ".DS_Store" | xargs rm -rf
 #remove finished docs
 find -name "*.ps" | xargs rm -rf
 find -name "*.pdf" | xargs rm -rf
+rm -rf iraf/tags
 rm -rf iraf/unix/shlib
 rm -rf iraf/unix/sun
 rm -rf iraf/unix/mc68000
@@ -33,13 +38,19 @@
 rm -rf iraf/vendor/voclient/libsamp/libxrpc/xmlrpc-c-*/*
 rm -rf iraf/vendor/voclient/libsamp/libxrpc/share
 # remove most of f2c but keep the f2c.h as the stock f2c.h 
 # is different from fedoras
 rm -rf iraf/unix/f2c/lib*
 rm -rf iraf/unix/f2c/src
 rm -rf iraf/unix/f2c/ms*
+rm -rf iraf/unix/bin.*/f2c*
+rm -rf iraf/sys/vops/ak/*.x
+rm -rf iraf/vendor/voclient/include/
+rm -f iraf/vendor/voclient/voclient/config.status
+rm -f iraf/vendor/voclient/voclient/config/config.guess
+rm -f iraf/vendor/voclient/voclient/config/config.sub
+rm -f iraf/vendor/voclient/libsamp/cfitsio/config.status
 #rm -rf iraf/unix/boot/xyacc
 tar  cJf iraf-src.tar.xz -C iraf .
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