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Hi all,

I was wondering what people think are the major packages that we
should try to get into RPM's.
I've been doing work in Mageia to generate astronomy related RPM's and
since the rpm's are
mostly interchangable between Fedora and Mageia, I'd like to
coordinate work so that we
get as much stuff working as possible (and so we all doing get killed
by MacOSX).

My background is mostly theoretical, so I'd be interested in finding
out from the observers what
are the major missing packages.  In particular, it looks like IRAF has
finally got all of the IP issues
resolved so would it be worth packaging that now.

The other thing is that I've worked on pyp2rpm which generates rpm's
from the python repository and
that seems to be working nicely.

Also, what about CASA from nrao?
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