Re: no ds9 in fedora 18?

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On 01/24/2013 10:50 AM, "Germán A. Racca" wrote:
> Hi people,
> What happened to ds9 that was orphaned in Fedora 18?

That would be me. I never got the hang of the Koji system, so I never
managed to get it built. (Not that ds9 is easy to package even without
Koji troubles! Ugh.) And I guess this answers the question I had of
whether, when a package is going to be orphaned, I get an email besides
the one that goes to the list, where I have 2K unread messages to catch
up on. I.e., I hadn't even heard it was going to be orphaned.

I'll have to see what happened with the required only-for-ds9 libs, and
maybe ask someone to walk me through my first real Koji build (I've done
scratch before), and then after this orphaning, re-propose it, although
I think at least they've streamlined that for orphaned compared to
new-new packages.

J. Randall Owens |
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