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With the release of iraf 2.16 I was wondering if it could be reconsidered for inclusion in fedora/epel. It looks like the licensing issues have been cleaned up.

>From the v2.16 release notes file:

  o  "Free" Licenses

	Previous releases of IRAF were seen as being "non-free" due to 
	legacy license retrictions in the system.  In particular, the NCAR
	graphics code restricted re-distribution of IRAF by parties other
	than NOAO, and comments in the XYACC source directory were taken
	to mean that an original BSD source license was required.

	We are happy to report that both restrictions have been removed
	from the IRAF system:  The XYACC code was rewritten prior to the
	v2.15.1a release and is covered under the OpenSolaris CDDL license.
	Agreements between NOAO and UCAR were reached to allow the NCAR
	code in IRAF to (retroactively) be covered by the current UCAR
	license allowing redistribution.

	A new COPYRIGHTS file and the text of the licenses now in use can
	be found in the $iraf/local directory as well as the distrubution
	directory on the server.

Thanks for your time,
  --Roy Bonser
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