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OK you guys woke me up and you are full of humor.

I will trow out a topic.

What if you wanted to make your own telescope? Where would you find low 
cost high quality lens or mirrors? Would you consider making the optics 
by casting materials in a plastic membrane or spend the dollars to buy 
them. Is there any military or other surplus worth considering?

I have a small ranch so away from city a bit and lots of room. I can 
weld and have the equipment needed. I have access to large diameter used 
steel pipe of most sizes at reasonable cost. I found this link on the 
web while typing this posting and it took me away for a bit. Will have 
to spend more time here too:

I could build it on a trailer so I could take it to star parties or I 
could build a fixed installation.

Also have the ability and motors needed to build a tracking system.

This is something I have been thinking of doing for some time and it 
will be a long term project.

I have Solidworks 3D software. So as ideas develop I can make a detailed 
design. Also have optical simulation software to test ideas.

Questions that will likly come:

What will it be used for?
What is the budget if any?
>    Ideas????

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