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On 11 March 2010 11:09, Sergio Pascual <sergiopr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What is the purpose? I mean, you can install SL (or CentOS or RHEL or
Fedora...) and than install the astronomical applications you need.

Primarily, ease of use and speed of installation from an administrator's point of view. Why install packages separately if the majority of them can be installed  at install time?
One of the original purposes of this SIG was to create a live CD spin.
The use case is you go observing with your telescope, you boot your
laptop with the live cd and you have there the utilities needed to
plan you observation and control your telescope.

Indeed - but personally I have no use for that. My users already have linux desktops and either MacBooks or linux installed on laptops. Failing that, they can use NX to connect back to one of our servers here. 
Which is the use case of  'Scientific Linux Astronomy' ?

If your problem is the the lack of proper astronomical applications
for Enterprise Linux 4, you can maintain EL-4 branches of some
packages. I do it myself for EL-5.

It's not a problem - I am just trying to simplify things at my site. If others wish to do the same, then I'm happy to share ideas and effort.


Regards, Sergio

2010/3/11 Mark Mahabir <mark.mahabir@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Would anybody be interested in assisting me to create a 'Scientific Linux
> Astronomy' site?
> See here:
> The intention is to create a new SL 'site' using the base SL install with a
> few extra Astronomy packages.
> We use SL 4.8 currently, and not Fedora, mainly because I only want to be
> updating my 50-60 desktops every 12-18 months ;-)
> Regards,
> Mark
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