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Hello Astronomy SIG!

My name is Adam Miller and I am a fellow Fedora community member. I
recently found my way across the the astronomy-backgrounds package and
just love a wallpaper I found in there so I did a quick 'yum info' on
the package because I was curious where it came from and it linked to
your wiki page. I then noticed that there was an Astronomy Spin[0]
that was slated for Fedora 11 but is no longer available and according
to the wiki page only hit 95% completion. I was curious what happened
there? I am no Astronomer but I find Astronomy to be fascinating and
I'm a big fan of the idea of getting Fedora out to as many users as
possible! I think the Astronomy Spin could be valuable to the user
base in that field or even just those interested.

Hope to hear from the SIG :)



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