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Hi Elders of the Internet,

Further adjustments were done to the list of packages targeting the
Astronomy Spin. Good news is that the i586 build has met the goal of
being able to fit on 1G pen drive, and is currently 970M.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to post a public link to the ISO, since I
added stuff that's not in Fedora yet there (skyviewer and its
dependencies, pending review) and didn't bother replacing the
trademarks. Base of the spin was a rawhide/dist-f11 Frankenstein (most
packages from beta, astronomy packages from koji). If you're interested
in getting your hands on the current status of the spin, please mail me

I'll follow up with the spin-kickstarts patch I'm intending to present
to the releng to follow [1]; you may be interested in reviewing it, or
using it to roll your own Astronomy spin. (Please note menus will not
look nice if composed from current rawhide.)

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/CustomSpins

Here's the current selection of packages:

And here's the list of all packages that made it to the media (with

Feel free to suggest adjustments.
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