What is to be done ? who could handle what ?

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Hi everybody !

Here is a little todo list born from the meeting :
This what i mainly get oh the meeting.
Please feel free to add tasks, for this is only a draft.

We should also discuss about the assignment of tasks.

Who's intersted in what ? Who can handle this task or an another ? etc ...

Those question are particulary true for the IRAF fork, this our bigger
project and he asks a particular involvment. As the person which will
take it in charge must be familiar with the software and able to get
in contact (and keep it) with the current IRAF community, developpers.
This person should also be able to divide and distribute task the more
efficiently possible.

This is of course my ideal vision of the project.

Please take a look to the forementionned page, modify it, discuss it,
ask, suggest, ....

Thanks for your participation in the SIG.

Have a nice day/night/afternoon/morning (refer to your local time :p) !

Michael Ughetto (Telimektar)
<telimektar1er@xxxxxxxxx> || <telimektar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
0x8ECBA2A4 on pgp.mit.edu

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