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Hello Mark. I have packaged some of the more 'astrophysical-oriented'
packages in Fedora, such as ds9 or sextractor. I must say that I tend
to package software that I use myself or the dependencies of that
software (xpa, tkimg, wcstools, funtools are dependencies of ds9, for

Some of the packages in the scisoft collection are already in fedora
(most of the python packages, sextractor,  ds9), others can't be
included in fedora due to license problems (sadly iraf is one of
Midas for example would be a very interesting inclusion (I tried to
package it in the past unsuccessfully).

If you are particularly interested in other packages not already in
fedora, please add it to or if
you can't edit the wiki just send me an email.

Regards, Sergio

Sergio Pascual Ramírez
Dept. Astrofísica Facultad de C.C. Físicas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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