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2008/5/9 Michaël Ughetto <telimektar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi everybody,
>  I think the time is come for a new meeting.
>  We must discuss about the future activties of the SIG, goal for F10,
>  answer to the question of Jeff ( what is the SIG has a summer intern),
>  and others....
>  Do you have any preferences for the time of the meeting ?
>  Please feel free to add your topic here :
>  Hope to read as much as possible of you soon !

Nobody answer so here is one proposition.
The next meeting will stand on next Saturday, 17th of May at 1600 UTC.
Please let me know if it's ok for you !

Have a good day !

Michael Ughetto (Telimektar)
<telimektar1er@xxxxxxxxx> || <telimektar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
0x8ECBA2A4 on

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