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Lamar Owen wrote:
On Wednesday 26 March 2008, Marek Mahut wrote:
Hello Lamar,

Lamar Owen wrote:
On Sunday 23 March 2008, Marek Mahut wrote:
Hi all,

We have finally gnuradio in Fedora [1]. Is there anyone who can test it
with USRP? An update is pending also for Fedora 8 [2]...
I can, once I get back to work after being sick.
Thanks and get well soon!

USRP with the above version works, but you have to be root to use it. Non-root user doesn't get sufficient permissions to open the USRP. I got lots of audio underruns and an odd sampling rate when using the wideband fm receiver example program, and the audio was the wrong speed; but I got audio (this laptop has one of the notoriously difficult intel HDA setups).

[root@localhost usrp]#
RX d'board A: Basic Rx
RX d'board B: TV Rx
TX d'board A: Basic Tx
TX d'board B: <none>
[root@localhost usrp]#

Thanks, good to know. Let me know if you hit another other issues using this package. I'm trying to get one usrp for myself for a couple of weeks for testing, but it's not easy. :)


Marek Mahut     
Fedora Project                         

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