Re: Meeting today.

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Telimektar wrote:
> Sorry I didn't come too :$
> I didn't managed to reach IRC, my connection is very limited. Especially the
> 6667 port that is blocked...
> I usually chat with ircatwork, a web-service, but he downs on tuesday....
> I'm actually trying to install a cgi on my server to use irc but there's no
> guarantee.
> More important, I just have my schedule for the next semester, I will have
> practical session every Thursday from 1400 UTC to 1530 UTC so will no more
> be able to join the meetings of fedora-astronomy.
> Can we find an other date for meetings ?

But the meeting is every Friday.

> Regards,
> Michaël

Marek Mahut     
Fedora Project                         

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