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On Wednesday 02 January 2008, Marek Mahut wrote:
> Lamar Owen wrote:
> > The 4.6 meter Andrew parabolic is in active use for our School of
> > Galactic Radio Astronomy educational program, and has a 1.42GHz hydrogen
> > RF chain and spectrometer.  This telescope is currently internet
> > controllable through a Java applet in-browser (the applet doesn't work
> > with the F8 java stack, unfortunately), and with a custom java servlet
> > backend.  

> Is the java applet available somewhere? I'm wondering why it's not
> working with IcedTea java.

The login page is at

I can't test past this page, because the username and password fields cannot 
take my data entry.

> > We have a number of other programs; you can see the breadth of them on
> > our website at

> That's a nice gear. I hope to have chance visit your institute if I'm
> around someday. :)

I'd be glad you show you around.

> Regarding Iraf, x11iraf is under review,
> Since one month I'm trying to contact Mr. Romanovski, which after years
> of studies in US, is back in Russia.

> PyEphem and GNU Radio are on our wish list as well and I hope I'll
> package it.

> If someone is interesting in packaging GNU/Radio, Trond's spec file is
> available at

I grabbed it a little while ago.  PyEphem shouldn't be hard, either.  
Depending upon how the rest of this week goes, I might take a crack at it by 
the end of the week.

> Please, don't hesitate to come to our next meeting, so we can discuss
> what Fedora do for

I appreciate the great attitude!  But I will, as a long time Fedora user, also 
see what PARI can do for Fedora. 

I would be willing, for sure, to provide mirror space and bandwidth for an 
Astronomy spin, although I can't commit right now to a full Fedora mirror 
(and the bandwidth usage that entails).  Got 100Mb/s to the Internet and I2, 
and 40+TB of disk.

Well, this one I'll have to admit; I _am_ an IRC newbie.  Never had the need 
before to do IRC; guess I have some stuff to learn. Can't be much more 
difficult than learning how to run a CNews site in 1991 was.....  I've always 
been an e-mail guy, not a chat guy....
Lamar Owen
Chief Information Officer
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
1 PARI Drive
Rosman, NC  28772

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