Re: [fedora-astronomy] Re: Apogee CCD drivers

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On Dec 18, 2007 4:25 PM, The Random Factory <rfactory@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> HI All,
>   I maintain the Apogee Linux  (and OS X) drivers for Apogee's
> range of ccd cameras. The drivers are GPL'd open source and
> the latest versions do not require kernel modules.

Okay the last bit is the important thing for me.  Hardware which
requires kernel patches or out of tree modules makes things difficult
for what we are ultimately shooting for here.  Have you been paying
attention to the goals of the Fedora Astronomy Special Interest Group?
We'd like to get things to the point (hopefully by the release of
Fedora 9) where we can put a Fedora livecd out there with a set of
useful open source tools.  I'd personally like to be able to say... If
you have telescope X and CCD Y, then you'll be able setup a basic
robotic telescope in your backyard running from our liveCD (though the
dream of course is to be able to network these things together so
people can share).

I really really need poke my head into upstream Kstars development and
see whats going on in terms of supporting off the shelf dslr cameras.
You don't need astronomical CCD's to get your feet wet, it'd be nice
if Kstars would interface with the gphoto stack so you could get
reasonably good control of a canon or nikon dslr through usb to use
for backyard setups.


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