[fedora-astronomy] What is out there for CCD control?

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Good Morning Campers!

I've been looking into small-scale optical observatory automation
using linux.  Is there anything out there in terms of
astronomical CCD control that we could actually put into fedora?  If
it requires a kernel driver, or a proprietary library then we can't
include it.

I'd like to be able to get to a point where we could specific a
specific off-the-shelf hardware setup for an automated observatory
that we could have a Fedora based system work with out of the box. A
telescope, and CCD camera being the primary things we need to support.
Telescopes I know we can support already out of the box, I've done it
with Stellarium with a low-end Meade.. but all the off-the-shelf
astronomical CCDs I've looked at seem to need something we can't
easily ship as part of Fedora, either out of tree kernel modules or
proprietary libraries.   Is anyone out have a working CCD control
setup through Kstars or other program that is not making use of bits
we can't ship?  Reading over the Kstars documentation its unclear if
the usb Apogee CCDs require additional drivers or not.


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