arm-image-installer with Server, bug 2247872 & previously 2246871

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I tried with latest rawhide 20240210. 

It does not work out of the box yet. I got the same error messages.

I tried fix 2 as provided by David Teigland and added the target device temporarily with
   lvmdevices —adddev  /dev/mmcblk0
Before executing arm-image-installer. That works fine. A
   lvmdevices —deldev  /dev/mmcblk0
restores the original configuration nicely.

I also gave the other fix proposal, adding —-devices /dev/foo, to each  vg* command a short try, but endet with a 'No command with matching syntax recognised.“ Obviously the script logic is a bit more complex than I realized at first short glance. 
@pwhalen Please, could you test this variant? Or send me a valid patch for version 3.9 so that I can test it?

Peter Boy

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