DELL Inspiron 14 3420

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Dear Fedora Arm

I have come into possession of a DELL Inspiron 14 3420 laptop with Qualcomm 8cx Gen 2 soc (sc8180xp)
Fedora rawhide boots with acpi, but with limitations, keyboard/trackpad not recognized (I suspect it is related to I2C bus), even the devices on PCIe bus, NVME & Wifi that have drivers don't seem to work.
Seems like what is missing is the device tree, which I'm hoping isn't too different from some existing ones under arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/sc8180x-lenovo-flex-5g.dts or sc8180x-primus.dts
Can the installed Win 11 be used to collect information for construction of DTS?
Finally there is an MS Surface pro X DTS on github ( which could be closer to this since it is an sc8180xp device?
Any help in generating a DTS for this device will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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