Re: RPi4 and support for RTC DS3231

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> You'll need to follow the general section for HAT support (it's
> basically any HW that needs an overlay) and reboot and it should work:
> That RTC is supported by the rtc-ds1307 driver.
> I missed the link at the end of the config.txt  that was Fedora specific.
> Maybe you could put that Fedora specific comment at the start of config.txt in a future release?

What a fantastic suggestion, I've changed it locally. It used to a be
lot higher up but with various changes it slipped down.

> I have followed the steps and the RTC is working.
> I would like to add a section on the RTC to the docs. If that is useful how do I go about doing that?

Sure, it's a wiki so feel free to just add it, maybe make it generic
to cover all RTCs. Let me know how you get on.

> But I have lost the HDMI console. I can ssh into the system and it is otherwise working.
> I see the boot sequence, u-boot, grub, last message on screen is the Fedoara kernel line
> announcing its version. After a few seconds where I would expect to see systemd messages
> instead the monitor goes into standby.
> Do I need to change setting in config.txt to make the HDMI work?

Nothing, it's actually broken ATM, it's a F-39 blocker and I'm hoping
to get it fixed today. There's a U-Boot thread on the mailing list and
once I have a fix I'll be posting a reply on that so keep an eye out
on the list for an update.

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