Re: Questions about supported hdmi display&drivers

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I see.
1)For starters I would assume that Most China custom display to be not compatible with the fedora ARM.
Secondly, its probably safe to assume that any decent projector that support 1080p with 60fps and if stereo audio works properly
I would propose that we test and assume that the kernel display support is at least backwards compatible.
Maybe we coud include these infomations into the official documentation like here? or
honestly the documentation site is too dispersed,even if we put it in the docs there is no 100% guarentee that 1 facing that problem can find it.

and in the case of kernel display support is not backward compatible..(we should propose making that a thing,like come on,display is essential in modern days.)
We can have no audio,or no keyboard backlight support by default.
But lack of display support is just straight up horrible exeperience,you cannot use it literally(dont even think about youtube,surfing or open terminal)
It will force end user to use tty or something while praying they have a secondary device to search for solution.

2)In the case of having an unsupported display is there a way for us as end user to make it to work?or is it a impossible without fiddling with the kernel source code?
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