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On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 7:03 PM Richard Shaw <hobbes1069@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Google has failed me. Can I run Fedora on a Le Potato? If so, what target do I use?
> Anything I need to do before writing the image?
> I plan to use eMMC if I can get it cheap enough due to the failure rate of SD cards.

So it doesn't look like the DT is upstream, but LibreComputer used to
do a very good firmware that likely provides an appropriate firmware.
I'm not sure of the recent state of their firmwares. We don't
currently build firmware for amlogic devices because "It's

But if the LibreComputer have a quality firmware for the Le Potato it
likely should just work as we have the vast majority of the kernel
side enabled, if there's something missing from the kernel that will
be easy enough to fix.

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