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Hey folks! Just wanted to give a heads-up that there's an RC 1.4

There was an oversight in the RC 1.3 compose that meant it got an older
version than intended of uboot-tools, which is critical for boot on ARM
platforms. The difference between the version included in RC 1.3 and
the one that was meant to be there is big enough that it seemed a good
idea to respin; usually I'd have asked for Peter Robinson's input on
this, but he's on PTO, so this seemed the safer course.

Including the correct uboot-tools version will be the only difference
between RC 1.3 and RC 1.4. That means many RC 1.3 test results will be
valid for 1.4 and can be transferred if necessary. We should definitely
re-do all the key ARM tests, and we should also redo the 'smoke tests'
for x86_64 - the "default boot and install" tests, tests where we make
sure the images actually write to a USB stick and boot and install
properly, just in case something weird goes wrong in the compose
process. But for tests like the desktop and server application
functionality, we don't necessarily need to repeat any of those that
have already been done for 1.3.

So, when 1.4 lands, please focus on the 'smoke tests', ARM testing, and
any tests that were not run for 1.3.

Thanks folks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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