Re: Heads-up: Planning to have LXQt spin images on aarch64 since Fedora 38

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On 10/14/22 20:40, Peter Robinson wrote:
Just a heads-up, since aarch64 is more and more easily available in
laptop and workstation form, I'm planning to request for generating LXQt
images for aarch64. In order to unify the workflow, I've filed a
self-contained change[1] and also the corresponding ticket to
rel-eng[2]. If there are any other tickets I should create, feel free to
let me know.

Looks fine to me, let me know if you need any other assistance or have
any queries.

Thanks a lot. I think there won't be any problems. The disk image can be tested by any SBC and now I have a powerful aarch64 workstation (should be almost SBBR compliance) that I can test the ISO either in bare-mental or in a native virtual machine.

Zamir SUN
Fedora user
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