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> I'd like to learn how to develop on arm platforms. How hard would it be to get the latest version of Fedora arm running on either a device running arm5vtelj or a device running armv7l. I'm not looking for a step by step guide just being pointed in the right direction to start.

We dropped support for ARMv5 some time ago, Fedora 17 or 18 if memory
serves correctly. You'd need to re-bootstap using the last release,
that's not an effort for the feint of heart

Depending on what device the Generic AM4376 TI Sitara is you should be
able to build a SystemReady IR (basically U-Boot supporting UEFI and
providing a DT)  capable firmware for it and it should boot a Fedora
36 minimal image without too much more effort. Be aware ARMv7 will go
end of life when F-36 goes EOL in around a years time.

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