Re: Change in kernel PPS GPIO handling?

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Hi Peter,

Am 02.03.22 um 15:19 schrieb Peter Robinson:
>>>>> I wonder if it's a change/regression in the firmware overlay <->
>>>>> kernel interface.
>>>> do you use the DTB file from 5.14.x or 5.16x?
>>> I'm guessing this is fixed in the RPi firmware DTs with their rebase to 5.15.x?
>>> I've not pushed newer firmware/DT to stable Fedora of late as we've
>>> had a bunch of regressions on various RPi devices, currently upstream
>>> firmware on Fedora doesn't boot on any 32 bit RPi device for example.
>> Please never ever use the DTS from the Raspberry Pi tree in combination
>> with the mainline kernel. Please use the DTS from mainline tree. Any
>> other combination is not tested and has unexpected results.
> In the case of arm32 it's all using upstream kernel/DT with RPi
> firmware it still has unexpected results. Either way it's a game of
> whack-a-mole, we also have cases where the Firmware DT works and the
> upstream kernel DT does not [1] but I've not had time to debug that
> one yet.

i saw these "invalid bus width" report, but was never able to reproduce
it with my setup (upstream kernel + upstream DTS + RPI OS rootfs for 32
and 64 bit w/o u-boot or EFI). Are you able to reproduce it with any
BCM2711 platform?

Looks like the EFI leaves the SDHCI part in a unexpected state and
kernel doesn't properly handover.

Is there a good starting point which image i should try first?

Nevertheless these many possible sources of DTBs are a nightmare. At
least i plan to submit a patch to print a kernel warning in case of
missing gpio-ranges. So we can identify this issue faster.

> [1]
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