Re: Change in kernel PPS GPIO handling?

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Once upon a time, Stefan Wahren <stefan.wahren@xxxxxxxx> said:
> do you use the DTB file from 5.14.x or 5.16x?

I'm booting with EFI firmware from and
using the DTB file from that I guess.

The reason I'm booting EFI is:

- the Adafruit GPS hat connects to the serial lines, and the standard
  firmware would see input and stop boot

- it looked like I could change that behavior if I booted from an SD
  card by saving a variable file there

- but if I put in an SD card, Fedora wouldn't boot, just got a loop of

So I found that I could put the EFI firmware (and Fedora) on a USB
drive.  And then it looked like I could only use a config.txt to enable
the PPS if I didn't use the kernel dtb.

So, what's my best path forward?  Can I copy the bcm2711-rpi-4-b.dtb
file from the dtb-5.16.11-200.fc35.aarch64 directory to the efi
directory (and then just remember to swap back to the EFI-provided file
if I boot an older kernel)?

Sorry, this is my only Pi, so still learning about this side of things.

Chris Adams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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