Re: Moving headless install from 2GB rpi4 to 4GB rpi4

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So, this is the continuation of the above saga.

With a brand *new* rpi4, I made two different 32GB SD cards of different makes from both:




I did not fiddle with partition sizes or anything like that, but I did connect an HDMI monitor and
keyboard/mouse USB dongle.
No network. 5V from a known good PSU. I simply cut the cards with:-

# xzcat Fedora-Minimal-35-1.2.aarch64.raw.xz | sudo dd status=progress bs=4M of=/dev/sdf and similar for the F34 file.
With both boots, after many minutes, I got this repeatedly in the journal:

fedora kernel: mmc0: invalid bus width
fedora kernel: mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising SD card

Nothing very definite appeared when I googled for some of the key words.

So, I have here two systems that both boot from an SD card, but then get confused about the SD card they have just booted from. Weird :(

Any insights appreciated, as usual.
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