Re: Running Fedora on a Galaxy Tab 3 ?

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On 2021-12-25 00:56, Peter Robinson wrote:
I tried searching the arm archives but every time I searched for "galaxy tab", I would get a few results on the screen, then my disk would thrash and eventually I would get a Brave error that there was failure with the
page display . . not sure what is going on . . anyway . .

Is the answer to my Subject Q positive?  I have an old GT3 and it is
deadly slow and unusable, I thought it might be interesting to get F
running on it as an exercise . .

So based on a quick search [1] it looks like it's a Marvell PXA9xx
something or another chip. I don't see any device tree upstream that
really matches and if that spec is correct it has a PowerVR SGX540 GPU
which is closed and not well supported so you will at the very least
need to find a device tree which may work with our kernel but it won't
be an accelerated UX else you'll need to do a custom kernel from


Ah, OK, sounds like a bit of a lost cause . . thanks for the info!


Philip Rhoades

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Cowra  NSW  2794
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