Re: Replacing non Fedora with Fedora remotely on arm posible?

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> I'm wondering if $topic. Long story short, I've been able to get an Oracle ARM instance with 4 cores and 24 GB on their free tier and I've found these instructions on how to do it for ArchARM (which works fine) but wondering if something similar can be done with Fedora ARM.
> I guess maybe booting alpine in ram, format the disk, etc. and then extracting the image contents directly on the disk "can work" but just in case someone has tried this before can send some instructions :)

So Oracle Linux is based on RHEL so it's rpm based. There's probably a
bunch of bits on the internet for cross grading from Oracle to Fedora
or similar distros so you should be able to follow those, the process
should not be architecture independent so the process should basically
be the same as per docs for x86.

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