Potential regression of the Ethernet configuration/driver in F35 with Rockchip / Rock Pi 4

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I tried to install F35 on my Rock Pi 4 A yesterday and ended up with a basically working box but without an ethernet connection. An ‚ip a‘ just shows the device without any IP settings. After setting hostname and locale and reboot I got an IPv6 local link (fe80::…) but nothing else. And after a while that vanished, too. 

A 'nmcli dev‘ shows an ethernet device eth0, at first in status ‚connection‘ and after a while ‚disconnected‘. 
A ’nmcli con’ first showed ‚wired connection 1‘ and device eth0, later no device.

In boot log I found several entries with warnings about something not found, but in the end:

rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet: Ring mode enabled
rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet: Enable RX Mitigation via HW Watchdog Timer
RTL8211E Gigabit Ethernet stmmac-0:01: attached PHY driver (mii_bus:phy_addr=stmmac-0:01, irq=POLL)

And NetworkManager

(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... device (lo): carrier: link connected
(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... manager: (lo): new Generic device (/org/freedesk...ces/1)
(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... device (eth0): driver '(null)' does not support carrier detection.
(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... device (eth0): driver 'rk_gmac-dwmac' does not support carrier detection.
(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... manager: (eth0): new Ethernet device (/org/freede.../Devices/2)
(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... settings: (eth0): created default wired connection 'Wired connection 1'
(NM)[1103]: <info>  ... device (eth0): state change: unmanaged -> unavailable (reason 'managed', sys-iface-state: 'external‘)

 rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet eth0: PHY [stmmac-0:00] driver [RTL8211E Gigabit Ethernet] (irq=POLL)
 rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet eth0: Register MEM_TYPE_PAGE_POOL RxQ-0
 rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet eth0: No Safety Features support found
 rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet eth0: PTP not supported by HW
 rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet eth0: configuring for phy/rgmii link mode
 rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control rx/tx

With current fully updated F34 everything works fine, even PCIe NVMe ssd M.2 works. 

I hesitate to update to F35 online. If I then find myself without a network connection, it is difficult to reinstall F34 (with the F34 install image the network works, but not the terminal). 

Any idea how getting this to work?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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