Disable annobin on 32 bit Arm while an issue is investigated?

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Hello, devel and arm lists!

We recently ran into a testsuite failure when building glibc for
Rawhide on armv7hl:

The test program experienced a hang after a thread was cancelled.

So far, it appears that either annobin generated notes or the way in
which the static linker interprets them lead to incorrect unwind
information in 32 bit Arm binaries.

While in this case only a glibc testsuite failure was caught, there is
a chance that building with annobin can lead to incorrect unwind
information and associated problems for any armv7hl Rawhide package
built this way.

With this in mind, I would like to know how the Fedora-Arm developer
community feels about disabling annobin when building RPMs only on
armv7hl until this issue is investigated and the root cause fixed.
This should be possible with a change to the redhat-rpm-config.

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