Re: Pine64 Rockpro64 Invalid bus 0 (err=-19)

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W dniu 13.02.2021 o 18:03, admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pisze:

I am trying to update the SPI on a Pine64 Rockpro64. I have flashed the SPI with ayufan's uboot, Debian starts. Now I want to flash the SPI with Fedora's uboot. Here are the steps to load the Fedora uboot on the SPI:
   - I made the microSD using the arm-image-installer,
   - loaded the microSD in the RockPro,
   - entered the command sf probe in the u-boot prompt,
   - receive the message

     sf probe
     Invalid bus 0 (err=-19)
     Failed to initialize SPI flash at 0:0 (error -19).

I have tried the erase firmware available from ayufan's repository and have the same outcome.

Am I grounding the SPI pin too long? Do I need to compile the firmware with extra config?

Which exactly version of U-Boot you started?

There was 'a moment' in code when RockPro64 used wrong SPI bus by default.

Possible too that you kept SPI ping too long.
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