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Just wanted to introduce myself as I am interested in helping with the ARM effort. I currently have a [personal] Macbook Air M1 and will be issued a MBP M1 for work [in several weeks] as part of a pilot program. I believe I could use them to contribute to the Fedora ARM effort.

I have limited kernel experience, but have built the kernel, applied the Fedora config, installed a minimalist [hello world] module and my [Intel] hardware is still working :) 

Early on in my career, I worked on telephony switching systems and IP telephony protocol stacks (mostly on Sun Sparc systems.) I love to code, pure and simple and that is where I am most inspired/productive. I have done C/C++, SmallTalk, Java, Scala, shell scripting, etc., and now pursuing Rust in my spare time.

Looking forward to helping...

PS: I should be on the ARM SIG meeting today.

Carvel Baus
Principal Software Engineer, Multi-Architecture
IRC: rcbaus

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