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>        I have been testing F33 on Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and seems to be booting fine, but it is still very unstable. I have been reading the Fedora Meetbot meeting notes, and monitoring the Wiki for updates, but still no updates on the Wiki since Oct of this year. On which Fedora version will Raspberry PI 4 be officially supported? I think the last thing I read on the Fedora Meetbot was kernal updates were holding it back. Any updates on this?

There's been no updates to the wiki since October because there's
literally been no updates. That reason is two fold, one side is
there's not been huge changes to the status quo and those changes will
go into rawhide first, and maybe just rawhide if I feel they're too
intrusive or I don't have the time to ensure they're stable, second is
I've had little time or interest in the RPi of late.

All that said as a headless device it's been very stable for me in
some configurations. You don't say what variant of the RPi4 you have,
nor do you say what image you're using or how you're using it. The 8Gb
device is a pain in the arse, and anything with graphics is completely
unsupported as while the screen lights up there's currently no
acceleration what so ever and it's all done on the CPU and blitted to
the screen. The 1/2/4Gb models, the network/storage and mostly the USB
is all pretty stable.

To answer "when will it be supported" is currently an unanswerable
question, the upstream support is still very much in flux and while
I've been maintaining the RPi ever since first support was added in
F-25 my time and interest in actually doing the work to support it
well in Fedora is waning because of a combination of lack of time and
complete lack of thanks (and in some case even abuse) in combination
of the upstream giving close to zero shits about almost anything
upstream unless it suits them.

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