Re: Council policy proposal: withdrawing support from events

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Le 12 juin 2020 01:56:53 GMT+02:00, Chris Punches <punches.chris@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
>This approach smacks of preparation for political activism not related
>the distribution.  I would expect people to leave in large numbers if
>is approved.  Most of your contributors and userbase do not support
>radicalization and polarization by smaller groups in influential
>positions.  Abort, abort, abort.
This proposal may looks like a good idea, but as it is written it is not.

What troubles me is: what defines Fedora interest?

First scenario: Let's say the government of the country where our main sponsors has its headquarters decide to stop relationship with one or many other countries.

Council may say it is not in Fedora's interest to go there, while the event itself have nothing wrong about it.

Second scenario: a contributor helps a movement that fights against its own government, and decide to hold a boot/workshop/etc.

How do you define Fedora interest here?

Fedora should be own by its community with as much support as possible for local initiatives. Adding a rules like this without open evaluation criterias gives a bad signal.

Even if council is based on elected and nominated member to represents us, it doesn't council member wont always be good and without any external influences.
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