Coolkey instances/slots. Mutliinstance/multislot support

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I'm using CoolKey to use ActivIDentity ActivKey SIM token in Linux.

There is a problem with it. It seems like CoolKey doesn't support more
than 3 PKI instances (so called "slots"). And it expects "CAC ID
Certificate" to be in the first (0th) slot/instance. If it isn't found
or empty, coolkey throws an exception.

A patch submitted here and here aims to support
zero length certificates.

Newer versions of ActivClient client (software for Windows) decided to
use a different slot for certificate storage. (Information about
certificates can be found at "Help -> Troubleshooting"). ActiveKey SIM
supports up to 8 certificates.

I worked out a patch to support ActivKey with certificate installed in
the different slot

It is dirty and I don't have an experience and knowledge required to
improve it. The confusion is in the readers/slots/instance concept.
What is the difference?

I welcome any suggestions. You can leave comments on github or here.

I'm looking forward to your feedback

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