Re: Problems accessing ActivIdentity USB SIM under Gentoo Linux 64 bit on Intel

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> What do I need to do to assist/diagnose this problem?
> I know C but don't know the protocols.

If you can contrive to connect to an XP box directly from a Linux box
using rdesktop -r scard, you can watch what ActivIdentity is saying to
the card by running pcscd with the -adf switches. Comparing the traffic
with traffic captured while CoolKey is trying to talk to the card can be

You can replay sessions you've captured, and say your own things to the
card, using scriptor, a perl script by Ludovic Rousseau.

I don't have wide experience with smartcard protocols, but ISO 7816-4
has been useful to me in deciphering most of my smartcard traffic:

For U.S. federal government issued smartcards, the Government Smartcard
Interoperability Standard (GSC-IS, NIST Interagency Report 6887,
<>) is helpful.

> and the USB SIM sits there being accessed constantly, as though it's
> retrying frequently, whereas, when used locally (on the remote VM),
> it's a couple of accesses and it's done.

My experience is that XP and ActivIdentity just talk to the smartcard
all the time. Blah, blah, blah. Who knows if the traffic actually
relates to what you're personally trying to do.

> Bottom line, I am not entirely convinced that the Software provided by
> ActivIdentity works reliably given the USB data is transported across
> network, introducing timing delays.

In my forays with scriptor, my smartcard didn't care how fast I issued
commands. It was kind of like a telnet session, but typing individual
bytes in hex instead of letters. I'd be surprised to see something

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