Re: Coolkey applet into Gemalto TOP IM FIPS CY2 Codeshield

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On Friday 04 September 2009 17:04:41 you wrote:
> On 09/04/2009 02:33 AM, Toomas Nurmoja wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > we decided in our company to implement PKI. The Dogtag project with
> > Fedora 10 was the choise.  A part of this PKI implementation is to use
> > smart card as a repository for digital signing key. The Redhat
> > certificate system documentation
> > (
> >stalling.html#supported-smart-cards) states that supported is "Gemalto TOP
> > IM FIPS CY2 64K token, both as a smart card and GemPCKey USB form factor
> > key" and "The only card
> > manager applet supported with Certificate System is the CoolKey applet
> > which ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3."
> >
> > So now I have at my desk some cards named "TOP IM FIPS CY2 Codeshield
> > (Old name = Cyberflex 64K v2)". It follows the  JC2.1 / GP2.0.1
> > standards (
> >
> > I downloaded the  coolkey applet (CardEdge.1.3.473df442.ijc) from the
> > page And
> > gpshell toolkit (ver 1.4.2 for WindowsXP) from
> >
> Not sure about gpshell. Have never played with it.
> But have you tried with our esc client and pki-tps server
> to perform like a "format" operation of the token ?

Yes I have tried. Without proper applet (coolkey) inside the smartcard the esc 
and pki-tps will not recognize the card. My problem is that I am not able to 
load this applet into the card. 

 I have tried esc only with Fedora 10 system. My next step is to try RHEL5 
with RedHat Certificate System 8.0. May-be in RHEL5 has different coolkey 


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