Re: CAPI push post-enrollment.

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I'll file a bug and push to get it in. The code to do this is still there so it's not a big deal to put it back in.

As for the CAPI driver tool, I will search that out for you.

Timothy J. Miller wrote:
Jack Magne wrote:
ESC publishes the cert after an enrollment is done.

For CAPI this isn't adequate. Outlook and IE only know about certs present in CAPI. If I enroll on one workstation and move to another, Outlook and IE will fail.

Credential roaming would be a workaround, but you can't presume this is in use. Heck, lots of places don't even use roaming profiles, much less this separate feature.

Previously we had code that did this on token insertion. We could put this feature back in. This would work of course if ESC is on all the workstations you describe.

I think this needs to go back in ASAP. It's an expected function of a smartcard CSP in Windows.

Also, I think when you build the CAPI driver, there is a tool built that does this as well.

What tool, and is it only part of the build or is it installed with ESC?

-- Tim

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