CoolKey applet based on Muscle Card? [was: Re: ping]

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Frédéric Martin wrote, On 10/15/2008 03:20 AM:

Can somebody confirm that CoolKey applet is based on Muscle Card applet ?
If yes, what are the differences now ?

If no, what are the differences ? :)

I can not speak to the heritage of the CoolKey applet[1] before Red Hat got it from Netscape, but if they were very related I would suspect checking out the code for both CoolKey and Muscle[2] and using diff would let you see where they are still related. Also getting the sources might provide you with a README file or History file which would perhaps include a pre-Red Hat history. I believe they are fairly different now though. And the websites for each do a poor job describing what the capabilities provided by each is, so we are almost all in the position of `Read the source` if you want the info.

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