Certificate System is now open source

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The CoolKey project is part of an overall vision for and end-to-end smart card system. Today I am excited to announce that the other shoe has dropped. Starting today, the Certificate System and token management system are now available in an open source project call Dogtag.

The main wiki page will be here:

If you want to pull and build from source, start here:

If you're just interested in grabbing a pre-build binary, start here:

Dogtag includes the token management system that already integrates with the Coolkey java applet. There is now an end-to-end solution for issuing, enrolling, and managing your smart cards. If you interested in tracking or contributing to this project you can sign up for the following mailing lists:

   * pki-announce@xxxxxxxxxx
   * pki-users@xxxxxxxxxx
   * pki-devel@xxxxxxxxxx
   * pki-commits@xxxxxxxxxx

There is also an IRC channel for people to discuss the Certificate System on irc.freenode.net. The channel is #dogtag-pki. Together the Dogtag and Coolkey communities have a chance to push Smart Cards and PKI to the next level.

The information above is also available here: http://boblord.livejournal.com/19010.html

You can read Red Hat's announcement here: http://www.press.redhat.com/2008/03/19/source-code-for-red-hat-certificate-system-released/

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